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We pride ourselves on special occasions, especially anniversaries and birthdays. Whatever your special occasion, CASABLANCA can provide the perfect venue. A range of services are available to enhance your experience.

CASABLANCA offers individual menu options as well as a customized menu for your  event. Our staff prides themselves on superior service and exceeding customer's expectations.

Please contact Amber @ 507-250-4192 or via email @ to schedule parties larger than 12 persons.

Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.  Please contact Amber for details.


THE "Mobster Table" a/k/a VIP

Seats up to 4

"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."  Al Capone

Remember the good ole' mobster movies where there's the Kingpin that everyone fears with his lovely lady interest for the night?  He always had a table where he could easily exit and stay under the radar.  You knew he was important just by his presence, but when he was given the best seat in the house, there was no question.  You want to impress, this is the table you want!  Besides, we all like to get into character every now and then.  

Featuring a 5 course meal Al Capone style (elegance with style). 

THE "Chef's Table" a/k/a La Choix Du Chef

Seats up to 8

Chef Bojji takes you on a tour through Europe with his inspired cuisine WITHOUT a passport.  Chef prepares traditional and non-traditional cuisine.  Chef enjoys experimenting with a variety of ingredients for the jaw dropping, all "awe" moment.  

Reservations recommended - advanced tickets available for purchase for events.  See Facebook, Eventbrite or contact us at 507-288-0274 for event details. 

We will offer events such as "Murder Mystery Dinner", "Chef's tasting", "Chef's Cocktail Tasting" and "Sommelier Wine Tasting".  These events can be reserved and learned more about by contacting Amber @ 507-250-4192.


Call (507)250-4192 to reserve a spot for your anniversary, or special party.