just. us.


It all started when...

  Youness Bojji, Creative Chef, born in Morocco but spent the majority of his adolescence in France and Spain, acquired a knack for creating his version of historical cuisine.  It always crossed Chef Bojji's mind to open his own restaurant but it was never quite the right time.  That is, until he settled down with his wife and two children.  It occurred to him that he needed to teach his children the importance of following their dreams and working hard to achieve their goals would ultimately pay-off. What better way to teach his children than have them experience it themselves.

   We opened our doors for the public in April of 2015.  Since then, Chef Bojji's passion for excellence has been notable by the smiles that are left behind on our guests.  Each guest keeps him thriving through his journey.  If you don't believe me, just stop in and experience for yourself.  

    A story we like to share is how we first opened with all of $60 in our pockets.  We spent all our savings on renovations, equipment, and other start-up costs (some of which were unexpected).  With that, we purchased a few necessities, knowing we wouldn't be too busy.  After the first day's proceeds, we went shopping for more, and every day after that, well it made history ... and you all keep coming back for more.

...and I am sure there are intriguing minds who want to know the women behind the scenes, who writes so highly of her beloved husband...the one and only.....Mrs. Amber Bojji!  Cheers my friends!